Petrobond for sale


    Welcome to My website , If you're here I assume you know what petrobond sand is and you need a cheap supplier.  I can be that supplier for you , I mull my own sand according to the Original Petrobond formula using Petrobond oil and P1 catalyst . Also I mull Petrobond II that requires no catalyst. The end result is the same for both. A nice uniform oil bonded sand that provides superb green strength and a quality finish to your poured metals. 
    I sell in small quantities for the backyard caster as well as larger quanities for the smaller foundry or bronze casting shop. I don't carry much in the way of other supplies, mainly I sell Petrobond sand and some bentonite clay for green sand.The storefront & site are undergoing changes daily as I learn more about website building and site navigation
    After visiting the store and checking prices elswhere on the web you can compare prices and return. If your concerned about Quality please check my feedback on the quality of  the sand I sell   . If you have any questions or want to pick up at my location to save a bit of cash use my contact page in the store we can work something out. If the store confuses you, I can send an invoice thru paypal just let me know what you wish to purchase. Do you live within 100 miles of Cedar lake, IN.  and need a quantity of 500lbs or more I know a guy who has a truck and will drive it to you. 
    As you can see I'm willing to work with you to gain your business and trust.I want to be your go to  guy for Petrobond Sand , A man who's prices won't be beat . thanks for visiting and please check out my store.

Charles Thompson